• The low-pain alternative

    The low-pain alternative for your patients. Treatment with the MULTILITE daylight PDT lamp by GME.

  • A life in the sun...

    …often leads to actinic keratoses. The daylight PDT lamp MULTILITE achieves high therapy efficacy.


Brings daylight into your practice

Therapy with natural sunlight has become an established, less painful alternative to conventional PDT in recent years. However, treatment with natural sunlight is not possible during the dim winter months. In addition, it is difficult to check whether the patient has received a sufficiently effective light dose.

With the MultiLite, therapy is performed in your treatment rooms – during all seasons, at any time and in a controlled manner.

MULTILITE Daylight PDT System

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Our customers are delighted

The MultiLite is used worldwide in professional environments for photodynamic therapy treatments. In this section, professional users share insights and talk about their experiences with the MultiLite. We trust that this will give you a great first impression of our PDT system. If you yourself have feedback regarding the MultiLite that you would like to share with us, please contact us.

“With the MultiLite PDT system, exact dosimetry in the area-based treatment of actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinoma returns to PDT and enables almost painless treatment of large areas, such as scalp or décolleté.”

“In the Juvenis Medical Center we treat numerous patients and have achieved excellent results with conventional and daylight PDT using the MultiLite! The great benefit of this light source for our patients and medical staff is that every treatment can be carried out consistently and reliably in our institute – independently of prevailing weather conditions!”

“The ability to match the shape of the large-area lamp shade to the anatomical conditions at hand means that even large field-cancerized areas of skin can be treated quickly and easily. Many of my patients appreciate the sequential application of different wavelengths.”

“In addition to the predominantly painless treatment provided by artificial daylight PDT, the flexible design of the MultiLite’s LED panels is the greatest advantage for us. This allows us to match the exposure areas to the shape of the patient’s head and to treat mostly all actinic keratoses on the head in a single treatment session. This saves valuable treatment time for our patients and for us.”

“Daylight-like PDT with the MultiLite has already become deeply ingrained in my daily practice routine. With ten to twelve applications per week, a considerably reduced pain level is noticeable. These treatments are tolerated without relevant feelings of pain, even in sensitive areas such as the décolleté and in large-area applications. We could not identify any reduced efficacy compared to classical photodynamic therapy.”

“For us, the MultiLite PDT lamp unites the advantages of an extremely space-saving and, in addition, uncomplicated and flexible application of a low-pain photodynamic therapy.”

“>> Now I know what hell feels like << That was actually said to me by the last patient I had treated with conventional PDT. The burning sensation during the 20 minutes was almost unbearable for many. Regardless of the weather, with the MultiLite I can perform a very gentle and even more effective treatment due to pre-treatment with a fractional CO2 laser. This I currently do two to three times a week, with excellent results."

“Working with the innovative MultiLite system allows us to combine the advantages of two methods for our patients: The high effectiveness and good tolerability as in daylight PDT and the great control of the applied energy dose as in classical PDT. In this way, we simultaneously achieve maximum effectiveness and only the mildest impairment from the therapy.”

“A new age has begun: A significantly less painful alternative to conventional red-light treatment with comparable effectiveness. The feedback from our patients is overwhelmingly positive!”

“With the MultiLite, an important component for gentle but equally effective – if necessary laser-assisted – artificial daylight PDT of large field-cancerized skin areas is available. This most innovative form of PDT at present enables standardized and thus safe therapy all year round.”

Low-pain & effective

Proven in numerous treatments

Treatment with German Medical Engineering’s MultiLite is less painful for most patients than treatment with a conventional daylight PDT lamp.

Large area treatment possible

Triples the size of the treatment area

The MultiLite offers a treatment area of 500 cm². This is three times larger than the treatment area of conventional PDT lamps. As a rule, all lesions on the head can be covered with a single exposure. The MultiLite can therefore be used very economically.

free of UV light

Advantage over PDT with natural sunlight

The MultiLite does not emit any harmful UV light. Only the light spectrum that is relevant for PDT is used.

Easy to use

Treatment protocols included

The use of the MultiLite is simple and straightforward. There are two protocols for indoor daylight PDT and one protocol for conventional red light PDT. The integrated treatment protocols were co-developed by leading PDT experts.

Brief treatment time

Daylight PDT in only 35 minutes

A full daylight PDT dose can be applied in just 35 minutes. The MultiLite uses high-power LEDs. This allows the necessary dose to be applied in a short time.

Versatile & Variable

Wide range of applications

The MultiLite can be used flexibly and in a variety of ways. Hence, there are additional treatment options for eczema (yellow light) and acne (blue light).